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Pop-Up Events


We offer EcoTara Pop-Up Events, unique and different events that will AWAKEN your senses. Submerged in nature, we fusion food, music and art. A dinner and performance leads you through a sensory EXPERIENCE to enjoy and let yourself go. 



What is a Pop-Up?

Pop-Up events are temporary, unexpected events in unique spaces. It is the element of surprise and place that distinguishes Pop-Up events. A unique and unrepeatable experience; appears and disappears. 



Pop-Up by EcoTara

EcoTara transforms for a night into an open air theater within nature where we will offer an experience that sparks up your inner light. A tasty dinner of 5 deliately chosen dishes with organic products form our garden will sharpen your senses, dancing to the sound of nature. 

In addition to food, nature, creativity, signs of our identity, EcoTara offers you the opportunity to get carried away by sound and performance, indulging yourself and the nature. 

We choose not to name our artists in advance, allowing you to receive this experience as a real gift. The surprise factor that you experience when you open it is UNIQUE.