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About us

EcoTara is a unique retreat centre in the Canary Islands, lovingly created to provide a sustainable, peaceful and harmonious environment dedicated to promoting health and wellbeing for mind, body and spirit.


Inspired by the ancient wisdom of Hippocrates, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”, living in nature, eating organically grown food and using natural treatments form our ‘medicine’ here at EcoTara; a combination that leads to a natural and holistic personal growth for all.


The ‘Tara’ in EcoTara refers to an idol worshipped by the Guanches, the ancient aboriginal inhabitants of the Canary Islands. Identified with Mother Earth, fertility and health, Tara represents our ideology and vision.


EcoTara Canary Islands is not only a retreat centre, it is also another way of living. Created with the intention of appreciating the beauty of everyday life and the bounties of Mother Earth, the project encourages and enables us to reconnect with ourselves and with nature; by taking time to stop, breathe, appreciate, care and love.


Our health is determined by our lifestyle and relationship with both food and environment,  two essential components. At EcoTara we are committed to taking care of our guests and providing them with space to learn and develop all the necessary skills for a healthy way of life full of positive energy.


We place great emphasis on eating healthy organic food, much of which is grown on site, and activities and treatments which empower and help us connect with our spirit and with Mother Earth.




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